Hankook Vacuum Metallurgy

Finishing Facilities

Process of finalizing the surface to be processed and making it into a desired form and size,
rough finishing, medium finishing and final finishing in the case of general finishing the material.
Rough finishing is a machining process that removes unnecessary parts from the material of the workpiece, leaving only finishing allowances.


Bar Peeling Machine

Bar Peeling Machine

Ø25~ Ø300

Process state of Hot Forming
Hot forging and Hot Rolling Process Bar production can result in microcracks and fine heterogeneous surfaces on the product during cooling.
Bar Peeler is applied to produce homogeneous surface products by suppressing heterogeneous surface generation.


Lathe Machine / Milling Machine

Lathe Machine


Outer Diameter: 380 mm ~ 1,000 mm
Length: 1,500 mm to 2,700 mm
– Machining of large products is possible
– Taper Roller Bearing Taper Rolling Bearing to increase the stiffness and cutting ability

Milling Machine


1,100 mm to 3,300 mm x 280 mm to 750 mm

internal and external turning, taper turning, profile sections, and other rotating part turning can be performed by using the underside cutter blade
It can be applied to various machining, from small machine parts to large gantry milling work.


Water Jet / Plazma

Water Jet Cutter

This is the preferred cutting method when cutting metal with high temperature sensitivity.
Since it does not affect the heat affected zone, The material can be cut without disturbing its inherent structure, minimizing heat damage to the surface or edge of the product.

It is used for cutting and forming in various industries including aerospace, ship, automobile, oil industry. Stable and precise control allows cutting to size and shape to fit your needs

Plasma Cutting Machine

It is a process to cut and generate aplasma using high temperature gas.
and often used in manufacturing plants, automotive repair and restoration, industrial site.
Plasma cutting for fast and precise operation allows cutting to size and form to fit your needs at low cost.

Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment Furnace

Heat treatment plants installed accurate atmosphere gas and auxiliary equipment
Various types of heat treatment functions such as Quenching & Tempering, Tempering, Normalizing and Annealing can be selected according to the type of steel, alloy and usage.
We are producing high quality products by strictly controlling with minimum temperature deviation by using the best insulation, strict consumables and sensor management.