Hankook Vacuum Metallurgy

Forming Facilities

Forming transforms the solidified microstructure into a homogeneous high-quality structure
by heating the ingot and applying strain through the press and produces desired form of product

It is important technology to manufacture uniform and fine structures product
through appropriate control of temperature range and production depending on the material.

Hot Forming

Forging Press 01 / 02 / 03

Forging Press 01


Hydraulic Press that is push down type 3,500 Ton with high strength and mechanical performance. improves work efficiency by changing molds at high speed using 4 columns, 2 step bottom die, hydraulic replacement type die, turning table.

It can be produced from ordinary carbon steel to special steel.

Forging Press 02


Excellent strength and mechanical performance enable precise drive, efficient electric system.
1,800 Ton Hydraulic Press push down type based on hydraulic design and structural design that realized high mechanical performance.

It is used for small and medium sized forging products.

Forging Press 03


1,500 Ton Hydraulic Press push-down type for general industrial forging production

Hot Plate Rolling

 Rolling Mill  01 / 02 

Rolling Mill 01 / 02


Hot-rolling is a steel plate that is heated to a temperature (1,100℃ ~ 1,300℃) suitable for rolling the slab and then rolled to the required thickness and width.

It is an indispensable material for all fields of industry such as automobile, construction, shipbuilding, pipe, industrial machinery. The finished hot rolled product after the hot rolling process is sold as it is.
Some are processed in cold rolling mills and produced in various products.

Hot Bar Rolling

 Rod Mill  01

Rod Mill 01

Ø 35 ~ Ø 200

It is a bar rolling facility equipped with efficient hydraulic and structural design and electric system and capable of producing small and medium sized industrial products. Customized production with various sizes of Ø35 ~ Ø200.

We produce round bar products for plant, power turbine blades, ship shaft, and nuclear equipment industry.

Heating Furnace

Heating Furnace

Heating furnace is equipped with preheating furnace, which prevents loss caused by rapid heating.
It is designed to reduce the temperature variation inside the furnace and to select gas or electric heat source to uniformly heat the material.